Error with Batch Annotator

I am trying to annotate around 3k variants in a file through the batch annotator, in a format that worked with the release of FAVOR before the website was redone recently, and it provides the following error message: There was an error processing your request. The input file box says the file is valid. I would appreciate assistance to avoid going through the larger files.

Thank you for reaching out and bringing this issue to our attention. It appears that the problem lies with form validation on the backend. Currently, the system cancels the request if the organization name provided is less than 4 letters.

Rest assured, our team is actively working on streamlining and improving the batch annotation process. In the meantime, please bear with us and continue to report any bugs or issues you encounter. Your feedback is crucial in helping us enhance our services.

Hello, I provided an Organization Name that was more than that. The variants I input were in the FAVOR format: CHR-POS-REF-ALT

I also noted that the RSIDs were not in the downloadable FAVOR files

For now we don’t support rsIDs for batch annotation. Could you email or provide the file so we can look into it?

Sure, below is roughly what was in the file:


Hi Julian,

I’m looking at our logs and there is a length limit of 180 characters on email addresses. We are going to increase our limits to a maximum of 64 characters (octets) in the “local part” (before the “@”) and a maximum of 255 characters (octets) in the domain part (after the “@”) for a total length of 320 characters to avoid this kind of error in the future.

In the meanwhile please enter a email less than 180 characters

Hi, the email address is less than that by a lot (15ish characters).

Could you email me the file, i will check it out